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Bookkeeping/Office Administrator

Bookkeeping/Office Administrator Certificate
Duration: 32 hours + 120 hours of Job Training
Program Fees: $ 1,775.00

This program is geared towards everyone from accounting students to recent graduates to stay-at-home moms. This course focuses on providing you with accounting knowledge and accounting software skills that can be applied to a full accounting cycle. You will master softwares like QuickBooks, Simply Accounting, and Microsoft Excel. You will also learn real-world accounting processes and have the opportunity to practice on real accounting cases.

After completing this course, students will know how to deal with major bookkeeping and office tasks through relevant software. The course will also let you know how to handle the real life cases under real business environment. You will obtain useful practical skills for your pursuit of a junior Booker or an Office Administrator.

Core Courses: Bookkeeping- Basics, Bookkeeping Essentials + Payroll, and at least two Computerized Accounting courses.


Bookkeeping- Basics

Standard Course Fees: $390.00/ 8 hours
Date & Time: 1 on 1 Training; flexible date & time

This course helps you become familiar with common bookkeeping concepts, including Chart of Accounts for an organization; account categories such as Assets, Liabilities, Owner’s Equity, Revenue and Expenses; accounting double entry method when you are posting journal entries for each transaction; the equation of the accounting principle; financial statements’ format.

After completing this course, students will know what is bookkeeping and its purpose. You will learn how to handle the basic journal entry method. Also, you will know the ways how the booking theories applying to the real world.


Bookkeeping Essentials + Payroll

Standard Course Fees: $390.00/ 8 hours
Date & Time: 1 on 1 Training; flexible date & time

In the course, you will learn more detailed and number related processes for the financial reporting purpose, such as Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) calculation, adjusting entry for capital assets depreciation, T slips preparation, profit/loss statement and balance sheet generation.

After filling in this essential point of this path, students will know accounting detailed tasks and procedures for financial statements preparation purpose and also the payroll real case tasks and procedures. In the following job training process, you will be confident to handle the basic bookkeeping and office administrative roles in the real business world.


Excel- Basics (Optional)

Standard Course Fees: $390.00/ 8 hours
Date & Time: 1 on 1 Training; flexible date & time

Excel is one of the most powerful tools in the accounting and bookkeeping world. This course will teach you the excel basics and help you become familiar with various functions and formulas including the following:

Creating and Print a Worksheet
Formulas and Functions
Formatting Worksheets
Manipulate and Protect Worksheet Data
Create and Edit Charts

After completing this course, students will know the basic functions that the excel can be accomplished from a practical perspective. This course will let you understand what excel can help business handling, analyzing data for the decision making.


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